In 2009 and after the presidential election in Iran, a number of protests and demonstrations took place in some of the major cities of Iran which was later followed by other countries of the region becoming known as the “Arab Spring”. Thousands of video footages were made by people on streets and uploaded to YouTube, filling the news channels all over the world as the only visual source of information reflecting what was happening in those places. But what seems to be appearing on the safe television screen and at the comfort of someone’s living room for a few seconds could hold a life changing story within its every frame for every individual who witnessed the event in real. The Sound and the Fury tries to stretch out and articulate a horrendous emotional experience I shared with a number of random people at a certain time and space back in Tehran in 2009, through the medium of sound and accompanied by video footages made by anonymous people present at that very incident, which I surprisingly happened to discover through YouTube later on.

Bijan Moosavi